That’s how we watch TV. And these are our challenges.

We just got back from a new series of talks @CampusMadrid. Content, storytelling, users, consumers, spectators, announcers, GRP’s, ROI, fans, TV fans, Twitter users, and other concepts have intervened in two countering round tables: TV lovers and The Sector.

On the one hand we heard how TV lovers don’t actually watch TV, and on the other hand, how brands, chains, production companies, agencies, and other sector players are trying to change the path of an industry the size of the Titanic. 

Beyond arguments and opinions, we are left with an idea that seems to be increasingly more universal: the idea that brands tell stories that consumers listen to and the only thing that is evolving is where consumers listen to those stories. Ultimately, the one element that makes a difference between one brand and the next is how they tell that story.

We’d like to close with this thought: if content is king, the value add is queen, and all of this, at the beginning and end, is branding.

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