Tell a story. Establish a dialogue. Grow your business.

That’s what we do.
On one end, there are companies. On the other, the clients. Virgen Extra generates a dialogue between the two. A dialogue that serves to position companies to tell their story and sell their product or service in the most effective possible way.
That story differs for each company. For some, it may start by defining their brand identity or developing a strategic marketing plan. For others, it may be a comprehensive communication initiative.
Some call what we do branding. In fact, we often use that word. But in reality, we are much more than that.
We grow companies from the inside out.
Our emphasis on branding exists because competition creates infinite choices. And a strong brand will always stand out. Our experience proves it.

International experience.

Virgen Extra works on projects across the globe, including Spain, Germany, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, USA, Luxemburg, Hong Kong, Russia, and Portugal, to name a few. Offices in Madrid and Miami.


Between a company and its different audiences, there is always a continuous dialogue. A dialogue identified by way of its products, customer service, office spaces, publicity campaigns, “Happy Holidays” e-mails, etc. Virgen Extra offers its vision of brands to ensure that this dialogue responds to a strategy and global idea of the company; that which contributes to accomplish the commercial objectives of our clients.

  • Strategy
  • We uncover the unique qualities of each company, assess its objectives, and carefully analyze the competitive context. We tell the company’s story through the viewpoint of a differentiated positioning. We give the company shape, words, and strategic solidity.

  • Creativity
  • We create identities and establish a dialogue. We build the stage for companies to express their story. We help brands maintain a healthy conversation with their clients.

  • Communication
  • We grow companies from the inside out. We offer decades of experience that drive a deep understanding of key communication processes, from visual identities, corporate messaging, and advertising campaigns, to social media strategy, web development, and workspace optimization.


    • Grupo Alarcón _ Industrial
    • Promavi _ Industrial
    • EHB Capital _ Financial
    • Pierre Ulmo _ Financial
    • Lener _ Legal
    • Prodie Santé _ Human Resources
    • Rosalba Lantero _ Food
    • Muu Films _ Film
    • Oink Digital Films _ Film
    • Paco Herrera _ Photography
    • Cheshill _ Financial

    • Take it Easy _ Film
    • Artti _ Technology
    • Benn _ Technology
    • Everillion _ Technology
    • Everis _ Consulting
    • Mr. Houston _ Technology
    • Vortal _ E-commerce
    • Chirag Plaza _ Hospitality
    • La Torre _ Hospitality
    • Paraíso de los Pinos _ Hospitality
    • Strade _ Financial

    • Say Cheese _ Hospitality
    • Solutions Hi _ Consulting
    • Lammermoor _ Hospitality
    • David Puente _ Antiques
    • Mercedes Urquijo _ Antiques
    • Enero _ Architecture
    • Espacio AD&A _ Interior Design
    • Key Point Academy _ Education
    • Xtend _ Education
    • Bilzin Sumberg _ Legal
    • Fitteam _ Health & Wellness