Newly incorporated. Her name is Barbara.

She comes from the world of digital.
She brings bits, posts, comments, and the kind of things of today.
She brings pictures of her dog Sansa. She loves her.
She’s pretty tall.

She has what we call ‘beer and Friday night’ eyes. You know, festival, long weekend type clothing. She speaks so clearly, without commas or ellipsis, rather with bullets and periods. Her hair, until now, has behaved obediently, careless of humid days and short times in front of the mirror. But one can discern style changes in the near future.

Barbara Benitez. She came to the world of brands. As Director of Projects for virgen extra. And we hope for a long time.

virgen extra

virgen extra

Brand consultancy. Strategic thinking.In Europe, USA, and Latin America.
virgen extra

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